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This is an IC resource for [community profile] havenrpg, started by Al and open for every character. Basically, in order to help pool the information different characters have received, and to make an IC record of what they've gone through to warn and inform future trapped characters, Al has started a book.

This book remains constantly in Haven North library, so it doesn't get wiped clean, so everyone can get to it. If your character has found something out, experienced something important, or just wants to impart some Haven related wisdom to other people who might read the book... that's all good!

As this book is constantly available, people don't have to ask if they can have read it. If your character has been to Haven North library, they can totally have spent time reading through what information everyone has gathered, or adding to it themselves. Hopefully, this will help characters to ICly get more of the big picture, and spread the word on important things.

To add to the book, just comment on this entry ICly with what your character has written in the book.
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[edward is far too lazy to be as eloquent and patient as his brother, so! his notes are scribbled into the book like so:]

- found map in geography section [insert directions to said book here]. Earth, circa 1970; lists entirety of world as 'UNITED EMPIRE OF GREAT BRITAIN AND CHINA', no individual countries or divisions at all.

- found references to YAO CORPORATION in non-fiction sciences responsible for major technological advances. 'YAO CORPORATION' major power in this Earth history (??) multiple mentions.

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[Clear and cut is his motto.]

I have found references to Philip Kite returning from the dead in the year 2001. While this seems impossible this might be worth looking into.
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[ Written in neat script below it when she and Glitch head Northward: ]

It's not impossible. I've done it.

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Information that was available to me in the last month included that of a Yao Corporation involved in medical advancements, technological advancements, and human trafficking.

I have also found a mention of Luke Yao as one of the past Mayors of Haven.

There hasn't been much time to figure out what this all means.

-Dr. Bruce Banner
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[Aaaaand just under that you'll see this lovely drawing:]
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[personal profile] logic_and_magic 2013-02-27 10:14 pm (UTC)(link)
[He's going to try and make it obvious as possible when he found this out.]

Information found on when the monsters invaded and we found a new place underneath Haven.

-A see through man had asked me for reports. Unsure as to why. Possibly a memory of someone from before everyone came here? I will call it a memory of a man for now.
-Mentioned something called the guaiwu
-When questioned of what they were the memory became fearful
-The memory of the man said his name was Su Geming
-When I said I was told to come and work for him he believed I worked under Kite.
-When asked why Kite would be after to disgrace Su, he had replied that a Miss Yao preferred Su's company. I questioned if she ran the Yao corporation but Su said she was only five. Still the girl Yao must have a connection.
-When I asked who she was he made it seem like she was an important figure. Apparently everyone seems to know her.
-When asked he accused me of being a Guaiwu and vanished.
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This is how you make a paper airplane:

[Hand drawn instructions follow.]
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Those Who Have Gone Away

( So far as I'm aware )

Ser Kenway
Ser Auditore

They will be missed.
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Tips from the Champion (to be added as life goes):
- If you see a demon, just say no. Cover your ears and go "la la la" and walk away.

- Garrett was here, Carver is a nug-nut.
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[the below is written, again, in Ed's hasty scrawl. don't judge him.]

Anything you know/hear about these people helps, even if it seems small. Add anything and everything.

DR. PHILIP KITE: experimented on us and dumped the bodies near the well and outside the convenience store. also got tossed out by his 'accomplices' in the hospital incident months ago, only one we've seen face-to-face. can die multiple times and come back VERY quickly. sick fascination with children.

SU GEMING: hologram in mayor's office in the lower-city, working on the "monster" project

YAO: Yao Corp, Miss Yao, Luke Yao? "Miss Yao" was around five whenever the holograms in the lower-city were created, she was seen as a little kid. Yao Corporation gained huge power, head of medical/technological advancements according to books in the North library. became first company elected to presidency over a country.

STEFAN LOWRITZ: unknown. works with Kite and Geming, something to do with a project called "Zhàn Zhēng Jī Qì" on the first floor (computers?), and has ties to "Miss Yao"

WEI: unknown. heard in mention as Kite's boss

DANIEL: unknown. co-worker with Kite/maybe a higher-up? guy on east end of lower-city is stuck talking about him, and there's been mention before about Daniel being untrustworthy, monsters coming from the subway tunnels


JONAS AND JESSICA: both seen face-to-face. living outside the barrier (haven east?); they can come in/out without problem. brother/sister. Jonas had ties to Yao Corps (picture of him receiving the title of Vice Chairman in '95). Jessica was kidnapped after she dropped off a crate of supplies from the East hospital inside the barrier for us, got messed up real bad, had her arm amputated. Kite's responsible.
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[This entry is written neatly underneath the header for Su Geming.]

Su Geming is alive. I did not see him in person, but the most recent incident at Haven West revealed that at least one of the people currently trapped in Haven has signed a contract with him.

You have nothing to gain from signing this contract as you will be killed and not revived if you fail or betray the company, and should you back out at that point of time, everyone in the city will be told that you tried to sell them out and they would be made to kill you one way or another.
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dipolar: breach the outer sphere (✫¦SO THEN YOU THROW)

Speakers — sign below if you speak any dialect, or several. You will make yourselves useful.

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Hei, apartment 2.004.
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This is Toothiana.

When I was still new here, Phillip Kite made an appearance after several of our own were murdered. After punching him in the face, I managed to knock out a few of his teeth but they morphed in my hand - one a human tooth, one a snake's fang, and one a child's milk tooth. I have looked at the memories inside these teeth several times over. They don't make much sense but hopefully they can be of some use to find some answers eventually.

- The human tooth gives the memory of the quad at Harvard Medical School. The boy the tooth belonged to is called Hank and he's wanted to be a doctor his whole life.

- The snake's fang brings memories of basking in the sun and the taste of blood with a fresh kill.

- The milk tooth is from a girl in China, the memory is of dying of hypothermia aged nine.
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(ooc date: october 19, 2014)

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[These notes are written on a separate page, ripped out and carefully attached to Toothiana's notes.]

At this point in time, Phillip Kite is dead. Diego Brando and I were able to examine his corpse. Diego determined that his soul is no longer present within his body-- he wasn't able to interrogate him as a result, but apparently, this means that he also cannot be revived.

Like Toothiana, I was also able to the memories present in his body.
[Okay, not EXACTLY like Toothiana, but still.] Rather than seeing memories of one life, I saw those of three:

1. A young girl with no knowledge of the Yao Corporation. She was beginning middle school (roughly 11 years old, for those who do not follow the same system) and seemed to be quite happy.

2. Kite himself. I couldn't see much, for whatever reason, but I was able to distinguish very clearly that he had romantic feelings for a man named Stefan Lowritz, though he never acted upon them.

3. A European zookeeper. Their specialty was herpetology, specifically snakes, and even MORE specifically, boa constrictors.

I received all of these impressions as if they had come from the same flesh, rather than that of three separate people.
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So, this isn't exactly news to anyone who was in Haven West last week, but things of the traumatic and unsettling variety went down. It seems like it fits with the regular schedule of one week on, three weeks off (have yet to experience this for myself, but heard about it from more than one person so seems legit -- will be back here to tell you if it's not).

Basically people were walking right into memories lifted directly from other people in Haven's minds. We couldn't find any clues as to how this was done, but seems like the memories were all pretty bad -- we're talking about death or worse. People who'd experienced one were left dazed and in shock. General consensus was this was not meant to lead to healing theraphy or increased understanding between us prisoner types, and I can vouch for that, having been threatened with being puked on and getting into actual fisticuffs, so. Leading theory is that this is another 'experiment.'

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Scouting and Intelligence

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People do not always revive after dying!!! So be careful!

^ Yes, above does imply you get brought back to life after dying. We still don't know how it works.

Sometimes, people vanish for a while. When they show up again, all they remember is the smell of metal.

You can usually tell the difference between someone who's gone missing temporarily and someone who's gone from Haven by the cell phone network- if a person's picture is no longer there, they are no longer in Haven. Usually being the key word. Recent events have proven this is not the case 100% of the time.

If you're worried about someone who's missing, go ahead and ask people over the network if they have any information. They don't mind. Really.

The monsters inhabiting the tunnels leading to Haven North are the original residents of Haven, who were transformed via an unclear method involving fog and a specially implanted bug.

The monster transformation is curable! After the current residents were transformed, they were returned to normal.

The Yao Corporation seems to have been a major power in the development of this world. They're also responsible for the state of Haven, and the ones holding us captive. The main person who's been experimenting on us (transformations, torture physical and psychological) is Philip Kite. There are several other players working behind the scenes as well, such as Su Geming, Stefan, Jonas, and others; more information on them can be found in prior entries.

For those interested in the protection of the residents of Haven, or other opportunities, contact the Justice Cabal (Cynthia-san and Owain-san are the co-leaders).

For those concerned about gathering information and exploring Haven, contact Minako or Minato Arisato. The team name is still undecided, and will be added at a later date.

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[This entry is written neatly- people with a keen eye may note that the handwriting on this note can be seen on some of the other entries such as the additional note beneath Su Geming's entry and in concise notes on the importation information and goals entry.]

Watch out for spirals. Their true effects are unknown, but those that have seen it have become obsessed with them and they've appeared in Haven before.

See the entry by Bruce Banner for a better understanding of what it might do.
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Entry made Aug 3/4th:

[personal profile] superissues 2013-08-30 08:02 am (UTC)(link)

Oh yeah and I totally forgot, I found something in a book on the second floor. So the underground part, the 'Haven'? Totally built as an attempt to escape from Haven West. Yeah. And then it was taken over for research by the military.

I also found the word 'Run.' I was trying to find more info about the monster that's down there, the big one? Maybe related.

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Re: Entry made Aug 3/4th:

[personal profile] crownless 2013-12-22 09:41 pm (UTC)(link)
[There's a little cat doodled under Superboy's note here, with a speech bubble that says "Thanks!":]

Hoping for a cowboy universe, tbh.
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Oct 3

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So while hanging out with Stefan in the underground bunker village, I found some genetic research journals that basically mentioned everyone's favourite Corporation of Yaos helpfully stepping up to relieve the American people of the odious task of being democratically governed by people not big fans genetic testing on living things. That happened 2010, by 2011 Yao was in charge, all senators missing and Kite was already rumoured to be hard at work, experimenting on the genetics.


(Anonymous) 2013-12-22 07:41 pm (UTC)(link)
[in a quick, slightly looped scrawl:]

I'm from 2010 and we don't have any of that. AUs at work then??? --Travis T

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fortunefavored: ((79))

Scientific Observations & Electrical Instructions

[personal profile] fortunefavored 2013-11-18 05:57 pm (UTC)(link)
fortunefavored: ((24))


[personal profile] fortunefavored 2013-11-18 06:21 pm (UTC)(link)
Dr. Newton Geiszler
Kaiju Science Division of the Pan-Pacific Defense Corps
Age: 35
Born: January 19th, 1990 in Berlin, Germany
Higher Education: Massachusetts Technical Institute in Massachusetts, United States of America
Languages: Fluent in German and English, and I know enough Cantonese to read relatively well and get around fine in Hong Kong.

Perhaps it is a bit unorthodox, but I find it important to document my own personal background, as it will shed some light on my own interactions with the people and technology of Haven.

The world I come from is devoid of magic. There is no such thing as being able to conjure metal or ice out of thin air, nor to call upon creatures from your own mind to do battle in your place. People cannot fly (at least, not without the proper apparatus, be it a hang glider or a plane,) nor are they in possession of any telekinetic powers. The only thing that is, perhaps, different about my world are the Kaiju and the Jaegers, which you will find documented about below to the best of my memory.

In this section, you will also find any scientific observations, experiments, musings, etc., that I have come across or dealt with in my time here, reported to the best of my ability. As it is impossible for writing to last any longer than 30 minutes in Haven West, where most of my experiments will be performed, I shall have to rely on memory to report my findings.

I will also be keeping lists of supplies, as well as instructions on how to replicate anything of use that I manage to build from the meager supplies that I (and, hopefully, several others) can gather.

[ooc: Written Oct 3]

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Written ooc-date Oct 3rd

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May 25th - Year Unknown

[personal profile] fortunefavored - 2014-02-21 18:25 (UTC) - Expand

May 25th - Year Unknown

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March 25th - Year 2

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crownless: mine; art <user name="crush-zombie" site="">, colored by mira thank you ;u; (I ᴛʀʏ ᴛᴏ sɪɴɢ ᴀʟᴏɴɢ)

[personal profile] crownless 2013-12-22 10:45 pm (UTC)(link)
- The computers don't work and don't have anything useful in them so don't try it. Someone I know hacked into them and got electrocuted bad enough for it that it almost killed him.

- People have memories of me being in Haven over a year ago, but as far as I know I didn't know this place existed until I got here a few months back. Probably related to SB's AU stuff???

- The whole 'being brought back to life thing' is powered by a generator that's got Philosopher's Stones in it. They're made with human souls.

- I recognize some of the monsters here from video games and movies from home. Dunno how relevant that is, but if it helps...
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???? - 03 - 08

[personal profile] verinumeri 2014-02-21 09:46 pm (UTC)(link)
- Not necessarily.

The shocks progressed in intensity during the attempt to hack into the computer. Once successfully breaking through, the shock was then severe enough to render a grown man unconscious for 24-hours.

Before losing consciousness, I saw the screen had become consumed with spirals.

[ ooc: pretend this happened Dec 3, too, plz ]
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(ooc date: 2/19)

[personal profile] crownless 2014-02-22 01:21 pm (UTC)(link)
[There's a page ripped from a journal tucked into the book. The backside is an extremely trite account about the sunny weather, but the other side reads:]

"Today, June 15th 2001, I am no longer a Frenchman. Today I am a Yaoite, and I must abandon my heritage and traditions for this new world. I cannot see a way out of it, but I hope that my sons and his sons will have courage where we did not, and rise up to take back the land of our father's."

[The entirety of the short entry, which doesn't fill the whole page, is circled a few times, and Travis' handwriting follows on the rest of the page.]

Found in green leatherbound journal. I put it on the shelf underneath this book, just in case, but this was the only interesting thing in there.

5/2?/???? (sorry, I forgot what day it was)
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ooc date: march 7

[personal profile] shotstaff 2014-03-08 07:11 pm (UTC)(link)
[ tucked beneath the journal are some schematics for a generator: the folds are well worn and tearing in some spots, and there's even hints of singing around the edges. on the bottom corner of the paper when it's folded up lies a small message with oddly curly and near-illegible handwriting. flipping through the journal will have you come across the following message: ]

[ there's no signature, but if you know her well enough, you can probably figure out who it's from by the usage of "Hu". ]

[ OOC: i understand that Ephinean is PRETTY difficult to decipher, even though it's just very curly English (but hey-- gotta stick with canon), so i provided a translation here for easy reading. ]
monarchical: art credit unknown, please contact (PONDER ► we-ell. finger to lips.)

[personal profile] monarchical 2014-03-12 06:29 pm (UTC)(link)
[ In a rather nice, loopy handwriting is the following message. The IC date the note is entered is June 13th, but as Sonia doesn't know what the date is, she simply does not date her note. ]

Today I found a book mentioning the invention of a machine capable of regenerating the dead. It was said to be powered by mystic stones from another world, and apparently the secret of them had to be hidden, as the general populace would never understand. That was the pertinent information, though if you wish to read the book yourself, please see the below diagram.

[ Which is a meticulous drawing of where to find the book. Apparently Sonia didn't want to reshelve it nearer the book of everything for some reason. ]

- Sonia Nevermind, Housing Block 21
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[The next entry is written in a hurried scrawl, as if the person writing it wanted to get it out in the open as quickly as possible. Some of the words have been crossed out-- obviously the person also wanted to keep this clinical and devoid of emotion.]

Some time in December, a brave beautiful young girl named Jessica was captured by agents of Yao who'd been living among us. They managed to escape with her to Haven North, where she was eventually killed. I'm still a little vague on the details, but apparently some of our own were able to bring her back using a resurrection spell or something (I don't play WoW-- I don't know how this works).

Later on, Zatanna Zatara and I discovered something shocking: Jessica is still dead. Her spirit-- soul, chi, whatever you want to call it-- is currently locked inside her own rotting corpse. [The words here are getting more rushed; more frantic-looking.] Whatever the spell that was used, it didn't take-- not exactly. What this means for Jessica I'm not sure, but from the looks of things she's trapped inside a house that's rapidly decaying from the inside out. Metaphorically speaking. [This looks to be hastily added.]

We need to I can't If there's any hope of saving her, it looks like we'll need to find another approach, and soon. I'm not sure how long her body will hold out.

[There's a final, small subnote on the right corner of the page:]

Even exchange? [Followed by another, smaller subnote:] May be necessary. Willing to take the risk.
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[there's a book laid out next to The Big Book Of Everything, and written on a new page in the latter in neat, tidy script:]

Translation for those who can't read French: I will be there. May you go with God's love. Joan.

[the book itself is blank except for that one paragraph in French. the front cover has the date 1429 on it; both paper and ink look authentic and would pass carbon testing if anyone tries. however, the font itself is in Comic Sans and looks like it comes from a Canon printer.]
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[Next to the book, there'a neatly rolled document. Further inspection reveals it to be a blueprint that's in Chinese.]

July 9.

Found this blueprint here of a machine called Uzumaki. Translation unsuccessful. For anyone who can read Chinese, kindly decipher as much as possible. Thank you.
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[personal profile] particularity 2014-04-07 10:44 pm (UTC)(link)
As far as I can tell, this machine has something to do with either...resurrection or harvesting souls.

The whole pattern is based around the spiral shape. Again with the spirals...

Anyway, that's about all that I got from it.
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